July 15, 2014

Family update

1. We had a resident BBQ on Saturday that was so fun.  I was not expecting to through a party for 20+ people until Friday morning when Carl texted me to see if we could do it. Although I spent most of my time trying to get Logan fed and asleep, I had fun meeting new med students, seeing the new interns, and hanging out with the residents wives I'm friends with. 
2. We took Logan in the pool for the first time this week. He was tired and hated it. He cried for the 2 minutes he was in and then grandma Barney took him inside and gave him a nap.
3. I made felt bandaids for Miles' doctor kit. He loves to doctor his toys and fix ouchies. 
4. Miles danced with a little friend and it was so cute. He put his finger out and danced like a disco dancer. When I asked him why he danced like that he told me, "dance like dancing zombie". It is a sad time when the only kind of dancing your kiddo can emulate is from a video game- plants vs. zombies
5. Logan is doing better with finding a routine and sleep schedule. He has his good days and bad, but I don't think it'll be long before he has a schedule of naps instead of random sleeps and awakes he does now. 
6. Miles loves this little bear. He calls it daddy bear because it is a little brown bear I gave Carl for valentine's day a few years ago so it is daddy's bear. He can't sleep without it and loves to take it all over the house. 
7. I am helping out with a ladies night out tonight. It's spa night and I can't wait to get away and leave the boys with Carl. I know Carl will do great with they boys. I'm hoping they don't give him a hard time for bed time tonight. 
8. We also took Logan to the park for the first time this week. He LOVED it. He looked around all the sky and trees. Miles ran around and had a blast. It was so great since it was only 84 degrees outside and felt amazing! 
9. I got Miles a preschool curriculum for his birthday (with the help of my mom) and we have already started some of it. He is much smarter than I thought.
10. Miles can do AB patterns really well. I showed him what patterns were about 3 months ago and he had no idea how to do them. I showed him again a few weeks ago and he kind of caught on. I showed him again yesterday and he can now do them on his own and make his own patterns with no help. Such a smartie!

Here are some pics from this week: 

Logan's first park trip 

A rare smile
His first swim
Miles climbing at the park
Morning snuggles
Sweet sleeper
He's getting so big!

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