January 11, 2011

Another Monthly Visit... warning, it's a bit long

Today Carl and I had another monthly doc visit.... I guess it is more of a monthly certified nurse midwife (CNM) visit :) It was for 10:30 and went REALLY well! I think the hardest part of an early appt is they make you pee in a cup EVERY TIME you visit, and who always needs to pee?I'm sure it will get so much easier later, but I normally don't drink a lot in the morning (you could say an older teaching/ student habit where you couldn't really go use the restroom in the morning, so you just don't drink as much). Other than that, having an early appt is nice! We had the waiting room to ourselves and just talked while we waited:)

When we got called back, they always have me stand on the scale... now is it just me ladies, or is that a kind of torture for us? Anyway... I have dreaded the moment of actually seeing what I weigh (because they ask you later, so I can't just close my eyes and be oblivious to whatever it may say) especially since the holidays are over.... I could only imagine how much extra weight I gained in the 2 1/2 weeks I was in Farmington and my mom cooked such great food for us... ok, ok, it wasn't just the food but the goodies!! So much chocolate and everything and I was FINALLY feeling good, so I indulged a little.

Well... when I finally got on that scale, I saw that I had actually LOST 4 lbs since our first visit and 1 lb since our last visit 4 weeks ago! YEAH!!!!! I am so glad. I actually worried and had talked myself into being ok with gaining back a few pounds, but I am so happy (and in case you were wondering, YES my CNM is totally ok with my weight so far).

After our weigh in, I was brought back into a room and met with our CNM. Our CNM is so nice and her name is Margot (just like my aunt!). She is always so knowledgeable and willing to talk about ANY concerns I have. It is so nice! She doesn't just talk to me though, she will look at Carl and explain things in a medical term since she knows he is in med school. She really knows what she is doing and makes me feel like being pregnant is so natural and that what I am feeling and experiencing is totally normal (the first visit she asked me if I felt nauseous or tired, when I replied yes she said, "good...I don't trust ladies who experience no pregnancy symptoms." She just makes me laugh and it is nice to have someone you trust.

While we were there, we got to hear the babies heartbeat. It was so neat! We had heard it a few months ago, but only for a few seconds and with a terrible ultrasound. The last appt we went to Margot couldn't find the baby (he/she was hiding somewhere so we didn't hear anything). Today we were able to get a GOOD listen at the baby and it was nice to know that everything is still going so well.

On a TOTAL side note, here is what Carl did today after our appt and after we ate lunch... I sat on the couch and read and he......

slept! LOL
He was so tired from studying that he took almost a 2 hour nap!! Isn't he cute?!


  1. He IS so cute *lol*

    I'm so glad, that your CNM is so nice and competent. :)

    Honey you can't even believe how happy it makes me to hear from you and the little one!! :)


  2. Thanks for the update Macey! So glad everything is going well!