January 27, 2011

ultrasound- girl or boy????

We had another ultrasound today and it was fun. There is a doctor here who donates her time to Carenet for free ultrasounds. Her name is Mia and she was really nice. We had done another one with her in early December and the baby had measured off about a week.... well, this time (just like the one in late December) the baby measured perfectly! I am 16 weeks and 4 days and that was the measurement she got.

If you have never seen an ultrasound, you are missing out. They are so cool! Not because of the gel they put on or the little wand they use, or even because of the super grainy picture of weird looking body parts BUT because you actually get to see God's work in action. He is the only one who knows what is going on inside all the time. I can say that everything feels ok, but to actually SEE what is going on is a totally different story.

Our baby is doing fantastic. He/she is just moving and shaking! About an hour before the ultrasound, I ate an orange for a snack and apparently the baby LOVED the extra sugar that provided. When the doctor kept the wand things still, you could see our baby just moving all over. It was like a little party inside... the doctor made the comment, "when you start to feel the baby move, I don't think you will ever stop.... He's just moving so much!" and no..... we are not sure if I am growing a little boy or girl.

The baby is not at all shy.... when we asked if she could see what we were having, our baby had his/her little legs wide open. She took a picture and said, "hmm... well it looks like a boy to me!" but she wanted another picture just to make sure, so she moved the wand around and our baby crossed his/her legs! LOL

After a few minutes of pushing around, the baby moved and she took another picture... well, in that one the baby looked like it could have been a girl! What a little stinker already :) When we were finished the doc said that her best guess is the baby's a boy... she gives it a 60% chance for a boy and 40% for a girl.

I guess we will have to wait for the super new high-tech ultrasound in February (and even then, we still might not know). God is holding the secret so far and that's ok with us. I guess we can live with a few more weeks of not knowing :)


  1. Oh my heck that looks so fun and good too!! I think I might try that out! bite the sushi in half that's what I have to do. I may be loud but my mouth isn't all that big. And yes the gag reflex is hell I couldn't brush my back teeth with out gagging and dry heaving and forget trying to brush my tounge that was out of the question for quite awhile!!! I will so have to try making homemade sushi though. Do you think it was cheaper than buying it?

  2. If you did it with some friends then yes. Each roll can be $7-12 so you can save some real money if you have a bunch of people.... shop at walmart and the rice is about $3-5 the seaweed is $2, all the other stuff is just produce.

    I have realized how horrible the gag thing really is... I gag every time I floss.... Carl makes fun of me asking if there is a way I can control it but nope... I just gag and move on.