February 5, 2011

Dinner time

Tonights dinner. What to make???? I am hungry and ready to eat and a bit grumpy. I think I will eat some snap peas while I try to think of something easy to make. Considering the only thing I have eaten today is a pancake with blueberries, one mini cheesecake,and now some snap peas I decided that I could afford to make a less healthy meal. I was thinking about my taco sauce and thought about what it would be good on.

I came up with fried bean and cheese burritos. Like the kind you get at taco box or taco time. I thought it would be easy and taste super yummy with taco sauce, so I looked up a recipe and i found this:

I read it through and decided that beans, cheese, tortillas, and green chile for Carl would be all we'd need (along with oil... we used the smart oil) and of course my taco sauce :) We heated up the oil (left over and reused from our tempera batch a week ago) and made 2 burritos in no time!

They were really good and tasted like the ones you buy at those taco places. I enjoyed my taco sauce, but found that RIGHT after I was finished eating I had MEGA heartburn AGAIN! I have now found the culprit for my heartburn last week..... taco sauce. :'( WHY???? I have been wanting this sauce for years and have never found it, until just last week at Smith's. I was so excited to eat it and now I realize I can't until I am no longer pregnant...... that leaves 21 more weeks of no taco sauce :'(

Here are some pics of us cooking

The ingredients for our burritos

Frying it up

Flip it over

Finished product

These were really tasty but I am now facing horrible heartburn again.... oh well, at least I now know what to stay away from.

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