February 25, 2011

Trip to Phoenix

To sum up the last few months, Carl has been studying for a big test. He got a few months off to study and prepare for this big test and finally it has come to an end... he took his test 2 weeks ago but still had the rest of February off. Luckily we were able to use one of the weeks to go to Phoenix to visit family.

We stayed at Linley and Ike's house for a few days and then at Shelbie and Brian's house. It was SO fun! I loved spending time with family and getting to meet my new little niece. I thought I would share some of the pics from that great week!

Cooper snoozing

Cooper laying on the floor and Jez laying in Cooper's bed

Lin playing with Cooper

Carl snuggling Cooper

Me outside with the Jez... she, of course, sits right on my belly

A fun treat the doggies got after being good all day... they were just almost empty peanut butter containers. Don't worry... they weren't full :)

Cooper enjoying his snack

Napping on the couch

The doggies playing in the backyard

Carl telling Cooper to growl

Our trip to the doggie park!!

Can you see Jez? She was sniffing around behind us

Meeting other dogs

Cooper and Carl watching T.V.

This was as we were leaving to go stay with Shelb... Cooper followed us and jumped in the car

and then promptly sat in the drivers seat. He is so cute!!!

I think I will post another blog on our trip so I can show you our super cute pics of Mya!!

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