July 18, 2011

Shower time

Today's quote, provided to us by Bailey, "Oh my gosh Miles, that is so much poop!" LOL...

On another topic, Miles took his first shower today (with daddy of course). He LOVED it! No crying or anything... we let the bathroom get a bit steamy so it would be warm enough for him and he could be comfortable. It was so great! Here are some pictures (they are tasteful, don't worry)

Well, my little baby is officially 10 days old now and going through his 10th day growth spurt. He wants to eat every hour! BUT the cool thing is last night he slept for 4 hours straight! It was so nice! Of course he was SUPER hungry after that, but it was so worth it to get a solid 4 hours of sleep in one stretch! Now I just have to figure out what we did to make him sleep that much so we can repeat it tonight :)

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