July 7, 2011

Pregnancy Pictures

Here is one of (what I hope will be) the last pics of me pregnant... I hope to go into labor soon! LOL

(disclaimer: these were taken in my guest bathroom that is currently being used by my sister and we did foot scrubs last night, so the bathroom isn't at its cleanest)

I figured I would take a pic of all sides

I am due on Sunday and hope to go into labor soon... I had another midwife visit and she said that I am dilated to a finger, not effaced at all yet, and Miles is at a +3 station. Sooooo, hopefully I will go into labor soon! 

and no post is complete without a cute pic of my doggie... after all, she is about to be replaced by a super cute baby, so we better give her the spotlight while she is still the only baby we can see and play with :)

Isn't it the cutest little dress on her??? LOL.... and yes, she does let me dress her up, I promise

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