July 29, 2011

Friday Update

Three weeks old today!!

We had one set of grandparents visit us this last weekend... it was SO nice to have them meet Miles and to just have them to hang out with! 

Miles loved being held by Grandma and Grandpa! 

This was yesterday... he finished nursing and was just so sleepy and happy! Don't you just love his outfit?

Naptime!!! I took this yesterday afternoon.... so sweet :)

This was taken this morning while Carl was changing Miles.... good daddy-son bonding time... raspberries to the belly!

This was taken this morning... it makes me wonder what color his eyes will end up being...they are so blue now!

1. Miles is already growing out of his newborn clothes. I think he will only fit in them for another few days.
2. We decided to do an impromptu trip to Farmington. Miles did GREAT.... I on the other hand had a bit more trouble. I think I will definitively need the extra few weeks before I am completely healed.
3. He didn't even cry while we were driving. We stopped half way and he nursed and I changed him and then he went right back to sleep.
4. He took a bath with Carl and LOVED it! Carl let his legs and bottom float in the water and he just stared at Carl. I have a feeling he is going to be a water baby!
5. Miles is getting good neck control. When he sits up with his head on my shoulder, he holds up his head and looks around.
6. He also is REALLY strong. When he is awake and laying on your chest, he likes to kick and push himself  up. 
7. Miles is starting to make more and more noise... it is so cute. Every once in awhile you'll hear "ga" and it was him! I can't wait to hear his little voice (although I am sure once he starts to talk he won't stop).
8. I have caught him moving his body like a laugh while he is sleeping. It is so cute! 
9. His only real fussy time is when he needs to poo or fart and just can't push it out. He will cry and wiggle and push and cry... and when he cries, tears actually come out. It is so sad and breaks my heart because I can't do anything to help him.
10. He makes the cutest whistling or kissing face when he is awake. He stares and moves his lips into a little o... I don't think I have a picture of this yet, but I really want one!

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