July 8, 2012

One year old!

I can't believe it, but my baby is one year old already! Here are some pictures that Sara took for us. I love all of them and now have the difficult task of picking out what ones to frame!


My dear Miles,
     I can't believe you are already a year old. It seems like you just got here but also like you have always been here. This last year has been one of the best years of my life. I have learned so much about you and myself and you have learned so much too. I can't believe what a good baby you are.... I guess you're not really a "baby" but more of a toddler now. You go everywhere! You just love to explore and to try everything for yourself. I think you are going to be a brilliant man because you just love to learn about everything. 
     You love to be outside. It seems like the outside has a magical effect because if you are ever cranky or upset, a quick trip outside and you are a different baby. You love to explore outside. You touch everything and love to play in water. This means that when we visit grandma, you go right to the dog water and proceed to tip it over so you can splash in it. It is so cute. 
     This year has been so great, full of wonder and lots of travel. I promise that this next year I will try to stay home a bit more. You are a total trooper with travel. It seems like it only takes you a few days to get used to a new place and new people and the actual travel is easy for us. Maybe that's because I have always taken you everywhere..... like the 11 hour drive to visit family in Utah when you were 3 months old... man, you really have been so good about visiting people.
      I also promise that I will keep trying to be a better momma. Now that you are bigger, I promise to do more with you. Talk to you more, play with you more, and try to teach you more about the world we live in. You are so much like your dad and you soak up new things like a sponge. I promise to keep giving you things to learn about. 
      Thank you so much for being the best little man. I can't wait to see what each new month brings (although if I could I would make you a little baby again.. I miss you being tiny) and how you change each day. Never grow out of giving loves to me and daddy, always remember I love you so much, and Happy Birthday my little monkey. May you have many, many, many, many more birthdays that are filled with a love that grows each year. Grow strong, be healthy, and be happy.

I love you so much Miles, 
     your momma


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