July 6, 2012

Friday Update

1. The fourth of July was so fun! We bought and fired off our own fireworks and it was a blast!
2. I gave Miles a late nap so he cold stay up and see the firework show... he was more interested in the glow stick I bought him.
3. We leave for Idaho TODAY! I am so excited for more of my side of my family to meet Miles. I know they are going to love him!
4. Miles is officially taking 2 naps a day, by himself, in a dark room, with me not there! It is great!
5. I think we are going to put the crib back to where it was so he can sleep in the crib for naps. I hope this will be an easy transition, but we will have to wait until we get back to make that happen.
6. Bailey went home today :( we had so much fun having her here. A few fun little things we laughed about (that you most likely won't get but will be fun for me to remember) are:
     - I spy something green.... a tree
     - I spy something brown.... a tree
     - I spy something orange..... a bike
     - I spy something black, hanging upside down..... a bike

     - "This is a starfish"... "no... it's not".... "yes it is." .... "umm... nope. It's really not.".... "oh, I guess it's actually a seahorse."
7. We bought curtains for our bedroom to help Miles sleep longer, I think it is working since his naps are now about 90 min instead of 60.
8. Carl now has almost 2 months off of school. I am so excited to be able to spend some time with him.
9. Our 4 year anniv. is coming up and I have no idea what to do for Carl... any ideas? I think this is one  of the first times I have no clue what we are going to do to celebrate.
10. Miles is now learning how to wave hi. It is so cute.. I really hope he learns how to wave.Learning how to blow kisses will swiftly follow.

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