May 4, 2013

Day twenty-nine: my hope for my kids

29. What are your hopes and dreams for your prosperity?

I hope that my children will be happy. I hope that God will bless them with many more good day than bad and with spouses that love them and support them. I hope my kids will always know I love them and never doubt the depth of that love.

I hope that my children will do good in the world and know God. I hope they will have a strong faith in Jesus and know that they are worthy of greatness. I hope they reach for there dreams and are not too scared to change dreams if that dream wasn't what they thought. I hope that they will grow into strong, independent, loving, caring people who love to visit their mom and dad. That they love family and make good families of their own. Most of all, I hope for a brighter, bigger future full of laughs and happiness. With lots of love and family.

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