May 23, 2013

Moving day

It is moving time. We have packers here packing everything up while Miles and I hang out and Carl does last minute things. Miles and I are going to leave today to go to my mom's house so we are not underfoot while the movers come and load everything tomorrow.

I will honestly miss this house. It has been good to us. I brought my baby home here. I had my first teaching job here. We did medical school here. This was our first house and it is full of tons of memories. We have loved living here and having Miles grow up here. It has been the perfect house.

Our two packers names are Tom. No kidding... Tom A. and Tom B. and yes, there last names do start with A and B. They have been packing for about 30 years and have done a fantastic job! What took me a month to pack when we moved here, is only taking them 2 days! Here are some pics of what they have accomplished. 

  Tom A. packing up the kitchen. He finished this in about 4 hours.

Our living room after a few hours... full of boxes ready to be filled

Miles and I hanging out on the couch before nap time

Our last dinner together in town.

The beautiful sun pouring in this morning (I was up way too early- hello 5 am, it hasn't' been long enough since I saw you)

Our living room and kitchen all packed from yesterday

Another shot at the packed room

My bedroom, bathroom, and closet all packed up after only 2 hours

Another living room shot

Our living room

Having our house all packed up without having to do anything more than buy lunch has been great! Miles has been super well behaved and after nap we are on the road... I will miss you little home. Thanks for the great times and the warmth and shelter you provided us for the last 4 years. You will always be the home I had my first baby in and the home that Miles grew strong in. Thank you for that.

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