May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

After having Miles, I now see how important today is. This is my second Mother's Day. I think Mother's Day needs to be celebrated more than birthdays. I didn't work for my birthday, my mom did. I think that I worked harder for Miles and deserve more recognition for that than for my own birthday. I like celebrating the fact that I was born, but I think that moms and dads deserve a BIG day for celebrating all they do for their kids each and every day. Mother's and Father's Day should be a big day with lots of appreciation.

Saying all of that... today was wonderful. I went to bed last night with Miles and he woke us up this morning  at 6:30. I wish the wake up call could have been a bit later, but he woke me up by laying on my chest and snuggling me so I forgave him :). It was a super sweet way to wake up.

I woke up Carl and made us some coffee. We got ready and went  out for brunch with my mom and Rodney. It was so yummy! I had french toast and eggs and shared my breakfast with Miles. We then went on a family walk around riverwalk. It was such perfect weather! Beautiful weather and lots of ducks. Miles loved it, until about 11. Then he was so ready for nap! We came home and Miles took a nap for 3 hours! It was wonderful! Carl and I even got to sleep a bit too.

We went over to Carl's mom's house for a bit and played. Then we came back to my mom's and my parents watched Miles while Carl and I had a date night! We went and got some super yummy salads and two truffles. We went to the park, ate, talked, and laid in the grass. We looked at clouds. We snuggled. We had a great, relaxing time.

All in all, it was a perfect Mother's Day. A day full of fun family time and love. My kind of celebration. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Celebrate the hard work you did to make your children.. the hard work you did to bring them into this world, and the hard work you do each day to help them grow. Celebrate the fact that you work hard every day and you 100% deserve a day that recognizes that.


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