April 7, 2014

Baby shower

We had our baby shower last weekend and it was sooooo much fun! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures but wanted to blog about it anyway.

We did a BBQ diaper party. We had a house full! I made potato salad, a veggie plate, watermelon, chips, chocolate cake balls and lemon cake balls, birthday cake rice crispie treats, and fruit salad. We also had burgers and sausages and hotdogs. Yum! The food was so great and we didn't even have leftovers! 

I decorated a bit with diapers by making a diaper wreath on the door and a diaper cake. My stepmom and sister surprised me with a diaper bouquet that was so cute! 

We all had so much fun visiting while all the kids played. Miles loved chasing all the kids and playing. He had a bit of trouble sharing all his stuff, but he enjoyed all the fun. 

After everyone left, we cleaned up. Thank goodness my sister and her boyfriend were here... They helped us and we cleaned up all the toys and stuff in 20 minutes. It was great. A great way to celebrate our newest baby coming. 

All the diapers and wipes we ended up with! People were so generous in helping to diaper baby Logan! I don't think we'll need to buy diapers for a long time. Thanks everyone!! 

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