April 8, 2014

Miles and the Rollie Pollies

So a super sweet friend brought us a baby gift that included a new bucket and book... So this is my quick story of my sweet Miles. 

After our friend left, he sat down with the book and had me read it to him. Them he told me we would read it again at bed. He said, "night-night book monny. Read book night-night." 

After that we went outside and he decided to fill the bucket with every rollie  Pollie he could find. He loves rollie pollies. They are one of the few bugs he likes to hold and play with. 

So he started with all the dead ones on the patio and then put each alive one he could find... And he might have made a few more dead ones in the process. 

After he couldn't find anymore, he tell me is the saddest voice, "roll pee mom". 

After a few minutes another one would pop up and he'd squeal, " more roll pees mom!! More!!!" 

Soon we had quite the bucket of prisoners.

After spending 45 minutes playing and collecting these guys, it was time for nap. I asked miles of we cold put the rollie pollies back in the grass so they could go home. 

Of course the answer was no. I then tried to barter for the release of the prisoners. A Popsicle? No. A snack? No. A cookie? .........yes. An M&M cookie was a price he was willing to accept. 

Miles, sadly saying goodbye to the rollie Pollie prisoners. 

Still feeling a bit sad, but at least he had his cookie to help dull the pain. 


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