April 7, 2014

Family update

It has been so long since I blogged. It seems like everything is the same and yet so different. Life is going on and on, so it feels like each day is the same but looking back so much has changed. 

1. Miles is changing all the time. He is so smart. He now knows all his letters and the sounds they make (thank you leapfrog!). 
2. Miles can jump and runs everywhere. It seems like something in him has changed because now he loves to ride on dad's shoulders, run and jump on you, play flying, and so much more. He is so active and such a boy. 
3. Carl is busy. His first year as an intern is almost over! Two (or is it three?) more rotations and he'll be officially in his second year. It has been easier than I thought but also harder than I thought. 
4. Carl's rotation during baby time is going to be the hardest one. Thankfully I have family that is willing to help. My mom is coming for at least a week and between my two mothers-in-law visiting, and my stepmom, I should be ok. I hope. 
5. My pregnancy is going well! I can't believe I am already 7 months pregnant. Seems like I have been pregnant my whole life but also that it is getting here so fast! 
6. Baby Logan is huge. He kicks so different from Miles. Miles used to lay in one spot, shifting sometimes but mostly hanging out on the left and kicking one spot on the right. Logan feels like he is a ninja. He somehow manages to kick and punch me everywhere. It feels like he rolls and kicks and punches but I think he is settled into head down postion. 
7. I am getting excited to meet my newest baby. I wonder who he will look like and if he'll be like Miles. Carl and I joke that Logan will be the opposite of Miles- he will look like Carl but be me on the inside. 
8. Miles is so excited for baby Logan. He loves other babies and kisses my belly all the time. He talks to baby Logan and talks about how Logan kicks. It is really sweet. 
9. I am feeling more nervous about the delivery then before, but only because I'm worried for Mlies. I know this labor will be easier and faster, so I'm not worried for me but for my first baby who is super attached to mommy. I'm hoping he does well and is a good boy for his grandparents! 
10. It is almost Easter.... Wow. This year I am hosting my siblings for Easter and I am so excited to have them here! Miles can't wait to play with his cousins and find the Easter eggs. It should be so much fun! 

Aaaannndd... Since it's been so long I'll add 
11. We are going to try to take maternity pictures soon and I'll make sure and post some here. Yea!! 

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