June 23, 2014

Family update

1. Paternity leave is awesome. It has been so nice having Carl home this last week. Carl and Miles play and Miles has become daddy's little buddy. It has been great having his help all week. 
2. Logan is a little chunker. He has gotten SO big already. At his 3 weeks appt., he was 11 lbs and 22" long. He is such a big baby! 
3. Miles has loved playing with daddy everyday. They come up with new games all the time. The newest is building zombies and plants with his Legos. It is so funny. I'll be in the kitchen and I'll hear, "I need a chili pepper... A chili pepper.. A big dancing zombie, chili pepper, chili pepper. Boom!!" 
4. I am doing really well. It is hard to believe I'm only 4 weeks postpartum. I feel better than I did months after Miles' birth. 
5. Miles has started feeling so comfortable in the water. While we were at Carl's dad's swimming (and by "we" I mean Carl and Miles were swimming) Miles started wanting to swim on his own. Don't worry... He has a floaty on but he loves to jump to Carl and have Carl let him go while he kicks to Carl. This is so different from last year when he was scared to have anyone but me hold him. 
6. Logan is such a sweet baby. I think he is starting to look different from Miles. When he was born he looked SO much like Miles but now he is slowly starting to grow into his own features. 
7. Carl took Miles to a discovery museum this week and I managed to get so much done. I cleaned, baked, vacuumed, and watched a movie. It reminded me how much I can really get done when I don't have an almost 3 yr old asking for stuff all the time. 
8. Logan has been getting one bottle a day. I pump and Carl will feed him. This is in hopes that we can go on a date soon and Logan can take a bottle with no troubles. He has been doing so well with it. The first bottle was spit mostly out, but by the third time he was a champ. He eats about 4 oz and doesn't even spit up. 
9. Every time we do something with Logan or put him in some baby equipment (like the swing or play pin), Miles tells us, "I used to do that when I was a baby." He tells us this each day around 15-20 times. He likes us to be reminded that he did it first. 
10. It is sooooo hot here. Like way hot. Hot like I wish my 6 weeks of recovery were over so I could swim. Hot like when Carl goes swimming I peak at him and Miles and feel so jealous. Only 2 weeks left!! 

Daddy burps
Daddy changing some diapers 
Playing at the discovery museum
Logan at his 3 week appt

Daddy nap time snuggles
Logan's first bottle feed
Cute little Logan

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