June 11, 2014

family update

1. Miles has started saying my by self (by myself) for everything. He is becoming so independent. 
2. Logan is already growing so much. I can't really tell until input him in his carseat and I can see he is taller. 
3. Carl is almost done with his first year and gets some much needed paternity leave. 
4. I am finally getting the hang of being a mom of two. It's a good thing newborns are easy. 
5. Logan has started finding his own schedule. He wakes up around 7 to eat, goes back to sleep, has an awake time around 8 for about 2 hours, sleeps and eats every 2 hours, has another short awake time in the afternoon, and then has his last awake 2 hour time around 6. He sleeps good until midnight, eats every 1 1/2 hours until 4, and then sleeps until 7. It is working for us. 
6. Miles loves Logan so much. He is so sweet and gentle and loving. I didn't expect so much sweetness to come from him this early. 
7. Miles may be sweet to brother, but he is naughty in other ways. He has started back talking so much. Whenever I ask him to do something his answer is no. About half the time he does it anyway, but he still has to meanly say no. 
8. Miles has mega anxiety about me leaving since I spent the night at the hospital away from him. He knew it was coming and did so well without me here, but now is nervous about me leaving again. 
9. Logan never really cries... Unless you are making him nakie or he is sooo tired he can't fall asleep on his own. 
10. Because Carl is on inpatient, he isn't often home before 7. This leaves a quick hour of together time before bed. Poor Carl and kiddos. I know I can't wait for him to have two weeks off to spend with us. 

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