June 7, 2014

Almost 2 weeks

Have I really been a mom of two boys for almost 2 weeks now? It seems like time is traveling so fast. The hours between 3 and when daddy gets home drag on and on, but the rest of the day seems to go fast. 

Was I really in labor two weeks ago? Really feeling helpless and crampy and wondering if I would EVER get to meet Logan? How is it possible to feel like he has been here forever but also feel like he is so little and how can he already be 13 days old. I'm holding him on my chest while he sleeps and Miles sleeps next to us and I feel so complete. 

Yes, there are times that are hard (last night with barely any sleep was one of them) but I feel like our little family is so perfect. I'm worried that already it's going  by too fast. I'm going to look back and think, wow he was only little for a blink and I didn't appreciate it enough. I'm trying to not waste his days as a little baby. Have I really already done this? How is it that Miles was like Logan and is now so big? It is so weird to be reminded of that each time I look at my boys. 

Sorry for all of the ramblings, but I guess I just need to get the feelings down so I don't forget this wonderful and special time in our family. 

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