August 19, 2011

Friday Update

My baby is officially 6 weeks now!
1. We decided to do another trip to Farmington this week since Carl only has 2 more weeks off.
2. Miles has found his hand. He prefers it to the binky.. I am hoping that if I keep putting the binky in, he will eventually love it and forget about his hand.

eating his fist

3. We decided to do something crazy... we went to a movie WITH Miles! We saw Harry Potter.
4. Turns out Miles does well in movies. He didn't even cry once- and it was over 2 hours long!
5. Miles is getting cuter and cuter. He loves to sit on his dad's lap and kick. It is so cute to watch!

kicking dad

6. We went on another walk and Miles fell asleep. He LOVES going on walks!

him sleeping after our walk.

7. We made dinner for my parents tonight and it was great! We made bruschetta, garlic and tomato pasta, steak, green beans, and homemade tiramisu. It was so yummy!
8. Tonight Miles had a really fussy night. He was so tired that he just cried and cried. It was the most he has ever cried. I felt so bad. Finally I got him to nap, but it is so late that I wonder what kind of night we will have tonight. 
9. Miles has started smiling when he is awake! It is the sweetest thing! It isn't a social smile yet (you can't make him smile by doing something funny) but he just does it when he is happy. It is really cute. I love to see the smiles.
10. We go home on Sunday- I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to family. 

his cute whistle face! 

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  1. Wow! That is super brave of you to go to a movie! First smiles are the best! Sorry you had a rough night... hope it gets better soon :)