August 10, 2011

Three whole years

Today marks three years that Carl and I have been married... now we have been together a lot longer (7 whole years).  Since we have Miles we didn't do too much but it was still a nice day. We ate lunch out at St. Claire and went shopping to pick up our pictures, some shoes, and a movie. It was nice. We took Miles and he did really well. He didn't cry at all and just ate, hung out, and slept. It was a great afternoon :)

This evening I couldn't help but think about how fast the last few weeks have gone. Carl only gets 2 weeks left... then I will be home all day, just Miles and me. I haven't really been alone with him for more than just one day (Monday, where Carl had a test he had to go to). I feel very nervous about not being able to do it all. Will I be able to keep up with everything? How can I cook and clean with a newborn? I just started to think about how I haven't ever done this and wondering if I can. What a way to end my 3 year anniversary- worrying about the future and things I can't change.

Well, other than that 30 minutes of missing my family and feeling really nervous about the future, today has been nice. I know I have a lot of things to be thankful for and I also am certain that everything will be great and Miles and I will figure things out as we go. I am lucky enough to have a great baby and I think that eventually we will get a routine that will work out and will be perfect for our family.

2008-2009 (first year) : Carl graduated
2009- 2010 (second year): I graduated, we moved to Los Lunas, I started teaching 2nd grade
2010-2011 (third year): I finished up teaching and we got pregnant!
2011- now (this year): Miles was born!

Before I end this blog, I thought I would write a few great memories that happened in my marriage this last year.
1. MILES!!! I made and grew and birthed a wonderful little boy.
2. Going to Disneyland with my husband last September for our 2 year anniversary.
3. Getting to bake lots of different things and giving it to Carl for lunch everyday.
4. Having my love for Carl grow so much from having our son. Going through labor and having our baby makes me realize that I love Carl so much more than I ever have.
5. Having Carl take care of me while I was SO sick in the first trimester.... he really did everything, while I sat on the couch and either slept or felt like throwing up. (Not that the feeling sick part was great, but knowing that my husband will be there and take care of me when I am not feeling well was the great part).
6.  Seeing how much Carl loves me and is patient with my requests... like the crazy second trimester where all I wanted to do was clean the whole house, organize everything (and since I had a few bleeding scares I couldn't lift anything so Carl had to do ALL the lifting), putting shelves in the nursery closet, and cleaning out the garage.... a garage sale included.
7. Many, many, more things that I just can't remember now but still am glad they happened.

I love Carl so much and couldn't have asked for a better husband or partner. He is my best friend and such a great dad to our little boy. He is patient, and kind... loving, supportive, and my best friend.

us in high school when we first started dating

Thanks for a great 3 years Carl :) I hope to have MANY more. I love you.

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