August 14, 2011

Friday Update- On Sunday

I'm a bit late again, but here is our weekly update!


1. We went to a BBQ on Friday at one of Carl's med school friend's houses. It was a blast seeing everyone (who last saw me 8 weeks ago) and showing them Miles. 
2. Miles is now sleeping in the bassinet next to our bed. He has been for the last 3 days and he is doing well... He sleeps but makes these noises like he is trying to poop in his sleep. He makes these noises every 10-15 minutes ALL night. I hear these noises and think he is awake, so I wake up to check on him but he is STILL SLEEPING! It is a bit frustrating, but I just need to learn to sleep through these noises.
3. We went for our first real walk on Thursday. It was really nice weather outside- cloudy and breezy and not too hot. Miles LOVED it! He looked around at all the trees and loved hearing all the new noises. It was great!
4. My baby turned a whole month old this week! It was a happy but sad day- how is he already a month old? Wasn't he just born a few days ago?
5. Miles is still super hungry when he is awake. He likes to eat every 60-90 minutes. It makes his awake time a bit hard to do things, but while he is sleeping he can go 4 hours without nursing. That makes me LOVE nap time!
6. I have been cooking a bunch of food and freezing most of it so when Carl goes back to school we have extra meals.
7. Miles still has blue eyes! I keep waiting for them to darken and turn brown, but they haven't and they are so light that I wonder if they will stay light. 
8. We went out to Dennys yesterday and realized that having a baby really didn't change what we do. It did change how quickly we get things done because we can't leave unless Miles is fed and changed and is napping. We still go to Walmart, and out to eat (on occasion), and up to ABQ for different things but Carl says it takes us 2 to 4 times longer to do things. 
9. Nothing else has really been going on. It is all about Miles all day, everyday :)

 us on our walk

 We both had a great time

 Miles practicing his whistle face

  sleeping in his bassinet all by himself :)

Look at that sweet face!

 so cute, right?

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