October 1, 2011

Friday update

1. Miles is 12 weeks old now.
2.  Miles can now hold his rattle and he enjoys shaking it (until he drops it).
3. We are loving cloth diapers! They look so cute on miles and fit him great.
4. When miles nurses, sometimes he will suddenly stop, unlatch, and babble something to me. Then he relatches and eats for awhile. It's like he has to tell me that thing before he forgets.
5. I can't believe it is already October.
6. We already have miles' halloween costume... He will be either nemo or squirt. I have both costumes, so we'll see what fits best.
7. I'm weird, but 2 years ago disney was  redesigning their  halloween costumes so everything was REALLY on sale. Sooooooo, I bought a few different baby costumes (like 5 or so) and only spent about $30. It was great!
8. We are going to farmington this coming weekend.
9. I will be traveling almost the whole month of october... Just miles and me.
10. Pray for me that miles will be a great traveler and that he won't just cry for the whole car ride.

1 comment:

  1. How cute! Addy used to do the same thing, she would rather talk than eat :) Hope your travels go well!