October 21, 2011

Friday Update

1. Miles now holds his head up all by himself.
2.Miles likes to stand up with help.
3. He loves to eat my hand... or his hand... or whatever gets close to his mouth.
4. Miles grabs his binky and pulls it out. A lot of the time his mouth still wants his binky but his hand pulls it away and he gets mad.
5. We are having a blast in Saint George... it is great for all of our family to see Miles.
6. It has been hard not being able to share this last week with Carl... it seems like Miles has just learned so much this week.
7. Miles laughs so hard when you tickle his neck.... it is so cute. I wish I could bottle up his laugh to listen to all the time. It is pure happiness.
8. Miles likes to blow bubbles... he says the bbbbbb sound and makes crazy bubbles.
9. I wonder if Miles is gettting sick again... he woke up with a stuffy nose and a cough this morning.
10. I am so excited for my sister-in-law's baby shower tomorrow!!

All the pics were taken by Carl's sister Linley... THANKS LIN!!!

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