October 7, 2011

Friday Update

My little Miles is already 13 weeks old! I can't believe it... I look back at the other posts and realize how much he has changed in the last 13 weeks. I am really glad I have kept up with these updates so I can look back and remember.

1. Looking back, the first week he was home was magical. It went by so fast. I remember having Carl going back to school was hard, but each morning we woke up, I nursed Miles, and we just spent an hour or so looking at his sweet face. I think that is one of my most cherished and favorite memories so far.
2. This next month is going to be CRAZY! We are in Farmington now. Going to St. George for my sister-in-law's baby shower, and coming back to Farmington for Halloween. Then Carl leaves so Miles and I will be staying with my mom until the first weekend in November. That means a whole month away from home!
3. I am really hoping that Miles does well on our 6 hour drive.... please pray that he does ok and just sleeps!
4. Miles is such a sweet boy. He LOVES to have people looking at him and talking to him. Even if he is cranky, he will still give you a smile before returning to crying.
5. Miles is sleeping SO well at night. We all go to bed around 9 and he only wakes up at 3 to nurse. Then we both wake up between 7 and 8. It is so wonderful! That is what the doctors call sleeping all night for a nursing baby.
6.We are working on him napping alone. It is a rough process. Right now he is sleeping on the couch after putting himself to sleep. I am hoping that he will start napping without me needing to rock him to sleep.
7. I finally am able to wear my wedding ring again! It got to where I was too swollen to wear it and after giving birth, my fingers were still too big... well, I have now lost enough weight that it fits again! It is so nice to look down and see my beautiful ring again (plus it is a great reminder of Carl all day long!)
8.Miles has great hand control! It is getting better every day. He is able to hold your hand and move the blankets off of him when he doesn't want them. He also pulls his binky out when he doesn't want it but wants to play with it. It is so cool to see my son learning and getting better and better at something! (Now for him to just learn how to hold his head up all the way!)
9. Miles has a temper! He likes to screem when he is angry... or when he wants your attention and babbling didn't do it.... or when he feels like it. He has learned he has a voice and HE IS GOING TO USE IT!!LOL
10. I finally feel like Miles and I have a system that is working for us. Things are a bunch smoother for us and it is nice to know him and his schedule well enough to be able to go out and do things.

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