October 15, 2011

Friday update

Wow! My baby is already 14 weeks old. Am I even allowed to keep saying his age in weeks or do I move over to saying he is 3 months?
1. Watching extreme home makeover now has more meaning.... I cry even harder when it talks about someone losing a child.
2. Miles is ticklish! He laughs when you tickle him.
3. He is so close to holding up his head! I bet by the end of this month he will be able to do it.
4. I made double chocolate chip cookies this  week and they were SO good.
5. Miles is starting to stand up when you hold him.
6.  I miss carl. It is nice having someone who is as responsible for Miles as I am.
7. The long drive wasn't too bad... It should have taken 6.5 hours and instead took 10.
8. Miles is liking sitting up... He tries to do it on his own but isn't stable enough.
9. Miles can now stand... With help of course.
10. I'm not  looking forward to the drive back

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