November 25, 2011

Friday Update

1. Miles is such a great baby! He is always so happy. He laughs all the time and just enjoys the world.
2. Miles has figured out how to jump in his jumper... that is what is on the video, him jumping!
3. Miles had his first Thanksgiving.... he couldn't eat anything, but he was just happy to have his Grandma and Grandpa visit! I'm excited for next year when he will get to participate in everything.
4. I can't believe we are already half way through his fourth month.... time is just going so fast!
5. Miles LOVES the Christmas tree.... at night when he is getting cranky, Carl will sit with him under it and he just looks, tries to grab the needles (don't worry... it is a fake tree with plastic needles), and laughs. It is the greatest thing to watch.
6. Carl is really getting into being a dad. He takes Miles from like 7-9 each evening (with the exception of when he eats) and just plays with him. It is a nice time for me to get a break and a great time for Miles and Carl to get to know each other.
7. My sister-in-law had my nephew, Davin (on the day before Thanksgiving!) and I can't wait to meet him!
8. Black Friday is today and we already braved the crowd last night at walmart to get some sweet stuff.... and Miles came with us. He was in an umbrella stroller and by the end was a bit overwhelmed with all the people.
9. I didn't realize how enticing it would be to just give Miles a taste of something.... my mom kept asking if she could just give him a little lick of potatoes.... "they're just potatoes... come on, he wants it!" she kept saying to me.... it was funny but in the end he really didn't eat anything. Although this does make me kind of excited for when he can just try foods we are eating.
10. Carl ended up getting a little bit of time off this weekend (yesterday and today... tomorrow he has to do morning rounds and wake up at 3:30am, but he then gets Sunday off). He slept until 9:30 yesterday (and we went to bed at 9pm) and I have a feeling he will sleep more again on Sunday. Poor guy... I know he is so tired, but he is a champ at making med school work for our family.

Happy Black Friday!!!

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