November 11, 2011

Friday update

1. Miles and I are now home!
2. Miles cried for the last 40 minutes on the way home. As soon as we stopped and I got him out, he smiled and said goo. He was just tired of the carseat.
3. Miles got in his jumper seat. He doesn't understand the jumping, but he likes to play with all the toys.
4. Miles gave me 4 hours straight of sleep wednesday night, thanks to the  miracle called cluster feeding! It was great!
5. Last night he was not so generous.... We slept horrible. Lots of waking up, lots of nursing, not too much sleep.
6. I was nervous about coming home, but it has been really great. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to sleep next to my husband!
7. Carl and I are going to have another date this saturday..... It is only the second "date" since miles was born.
8. Gas is so cheap here... It was $3.60 in st. george,  around $3.26 in farmington, and barely over $3 here!
9. Miles is already 18 weeks old! It is so nuts.
10. Miles had his 4 month apt on monday.. I'm nervous about him getting his shots.... Poor guy. I know he is going to be in pain and I hate it.

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