November 18, 2011

Friday Update

1. Miles has now found his feet... He likes to roll to his side and hold his toes (he hasn't figured out how to pull them to his mouth, but he likes to hold them).
2. I have started losing my pregnancy hair... it is sad to see so much great hair falling out each day.
3. We went for his 4 month check up and here are his stats:
     He is 67.5 cm tall (that is 26.5 in)
     He is 18.13 lbs
     His head is 45 cm around
4.  He percentiles are:
     95% weight for age
     80 % weight for length
     91% length for age
     95% head size for age
5. Miles did better with his shots... he only cried for a few minutes and then flirted with all the nurses. They all loved him and commented on how sweet and handsome he is.
6. Miles is super cranky today. I think getting his shots has made pooping hard. He doesn't like to poop any more because pushing hurts his little leg, so he just cries and screams until it comes out... this makes for a cranky baby and an irritable momma.
7. My mom and Rodney are coming down for Thanksgiving.. I am really excited to see them again!
8. I keep thinking about this time last year and how I was SOOOOOO sick. I had morning sickness so badly that all I did was lay on the couch and eat Ramon noodles. I am glad to not be there anymore, LOL!
9. I finally went through and organized all of Miles' pictures based on how old he was. It is nice to have all of the pics I have taken in one place.
10. I looked at a picture from when Miles was a month old and I can't believe how big he is now and how fast it has gone!

Miles a few days old

 Miles now :)
Happy boy

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