November 8, 2011

4 Months

    You are the greatest baby. I am so blessed to be your momma. I feel like everything I prayed for and asked God to bless you with happend. You are so sweet. You love to smile and laugh and are just the most happy baby. In fact, you are now laughing all the time. You think I am the funniest person and like to laugh at the funny things I do..... and I would do almost any silly thing to make you laugh. 
     We have this month spent traveling. We have spent your whole 4th month of life living out of suitcases and seeing as much family as possible. This last month has had its hard times, but mostly this month has been a testiment to really getting to know each other. I have been for the most part a single mom because your daddy couldn't go on a month long vacation :) but we had so much help from grandparents and aunts and uncles. It has been so fun watching you meet all of the family... you got to meet 2 new cousins, 3 Aunts, 4 Uncles, and so many others.
    This month has been so FULL of learning. You have learned how to hold up your head, stand up, enjoy laughing, you rolled over for the first time, and you roll side to side. I don't think your dad will ever let us leave for that long again. Right now you are in your Grandmas arms,  wanting to stand up- protesting laying down because you are tired.
   We just had the time change 2 days ago and it is a bit tough for both of us. You are staying up an hour later but not sleeping in any longer (although you are sleeping in until what used to be 8:20!) I think you are going through another growing spurt due to your strange sleep patterns. You wake up every 2 hours wanting to eat. I hope we quickly get over this..... it seems like I haven't lost this much sleep since you were a newborn.
   I was looking through my old posts and watching you coo as a little baby and things are so different now... when did that happen? Did I sleep through the moment you moved from little baby to big grown up baby? You are so different than you were just a month ago. I feel like each month I am shocked at how fast time is going. You are growing up too quickly! Even though you are so big, I feel like this is the best time... the best month... or maybe it is better to say the best stage so far. You can play alone for longer than ever before, you LOVE to socialize and talk to people (you say goo a lot!), you laugh at my silly songs (and I make up the silliest things to sing to you), and you are not so breakable.
    Well, you are starting to give your grandma a bit of a hard time, so I guess this has to be the end of this letter. I sure love you and would do anything to protect you and keep you happy. Thank you for being such a fantastic baby this month... I'm excited to see what the next month has in store for the both of us (maybe more sleep and napping alone??? I'm thinking that if I hope and wish it enough it might come true)

   your momma

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