January 27, 2012

Friday Update

1. My baby is getting so big. He looks more and more like the man he will be each day.
2. He has started using a sippy cup.. now, he's not effective with it yet but he's starting to get the hang of it and likes to chew it and get the surprise of apple flavored water in his mouth.
3. Miles sat up all by himself after being put on his back.. this is a GIANT milestone for him because now when he falls down, he can get back up all on his own!
4. He ate peas for the first time and didn't gag! It was the first new food he liked and didn't gag with the first bite.
5. I gave him a mum mum and he LOVED it! He ate the whole thing and once again, didn't gag when little pieces were in his mouth. He just ate it and bit off more.
6. My procedure went really well! I am only a little sore but still so glad my mom is here to help.
7. Carl gets this whole weekend off! His first weekend in 5 weeks! YES!
8. Miles is officially in 12 month clothes for everything. I can't believe this is the last of the real baby sizes he will ever wear.. it will make me sad to have to box them up eventually.
9. We let Miles play with Jello the other night... he liked squishing it but really didn't like to eat it (which is good because I didn't want him to eat it anyway).
10. Miles crawled forward last night... it was only two legs forward, but he's going to be moving so soon!


see my teeth?

playing with our cool play table- it even talks in spanish!

taking a nap in our new carseat- did I mention Miles is in a big boy carseat now?

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