January 6, 2012

Friday Update

Wow... it is already Friday again. It seems like Fridays just come so fast! Well, last week my baby was 26 weeks old... that means he is officially 6 months! (52 weeks in a year means 26 weeks is half way!) His real 6 month birthday comes this week on Sunday.

1. I have so much blogging to catch up on, including Miles first Christmas and New Years.
2. I keep hoping to catch up on Carl's day off, but his next day of is NEXT Thursday and I have a doctors appointment.
3. Miles is so cute! We have been feeding him baby food and so far he LOVES oatmeal. He opens his mouth really wide and wants more and more... it is really fun to see. Yesterday he ate 5 oz at one sitting!
4. Miles is still grabbing his feet. He does it almost every time he is laying on his back. He can even stick his big toe in his mouth!
5. Carl started internal medicine rotation and it is hard! He is on call every 3 days and only gets on average one day off a week. That means he could go 10 days or so without an actual day off. At least it is the last hard rotation... only 7 more weeks!
6. Miles did great traveling. The drive went well, but his schedule was a bit messed up due to lots of napping in the car. I think we are finally starting to get back into our normal routine.
7. I am doing well, but having a bit of the lonely blues... I miss all the family I've been around for so long. It is just Miles and I for most of the day and although I love all the great time we have, I still miss seeing other adults all day... not to mention that Carl gets home so late that it is tough to not feel alone and lonely.
8. Miles is still doing the crazy scream.... only now it is whenever he is bored, stuck somewhere, tired, or whenever he is generally unhappy. It stinks!
9. He is still doing his super cute old man face! I love it!
10. My family is going to start doing a weight loss thing and I am so excited to do it!

Miles after eating oatmeal

He is a bit of a messy eater

His two teeth! 

New sunglasses we got him this last weekend... isn't he so cute!?

His old man face :) 

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