January 13, 2012

Friday Update

Miles is officially 6 months old... crazy, right?

This has been the craziest week in quite a while.
     1. We had his 6 month appt on Monday.:
            He is 21 lbs 13oz
            28in tall
            47.5 cm for head circumference
    2. That means he is in the 97% for height, 97% weight for age, 97% head circumference for age!
I tell Miles that means he has aced all of his first real tests :)
    3. Miles has started pulling himself forward while sitting- into the almost crawling stance! And then he rocks back and fourth.... oh no, this must be the beginning of crawling!
     4. Miles got 4 shots at his appointment and he only cried for about 5 seconds. As soon as I held him and talked to him he stopped. It was so great... but then we got home and he slept for 2 and a half hours! He hasn't napped that good since he was a little baby.
     5.Miles LOVES Jezzie, the love is not mutual however. When we were on our trip to Phoenix, Miles pulled Jezzie's ear and since then she doesn't trust him and doesn't like to be too close to him.
     6.  Miles ran a fever all night on Monday. I gave him Tylanol and it helped a lot! He was fine all day on Tuesday but started to run a small fever Tuesday night. I gave him Tylanol (but because we had ran out of the concentrated stuff, Carl went and got more and they no longer make the concentrated stuff... this means that instead of one dose being .8 ml it is now 5 ml. which is A LOT for a baby to drink)... Miles didn't like the new Tylanol, so he spit it all out on his jammies and after cleaning him up I took him to bed..... I nursed him and after a few minutes, he threw up..... he threw up ALL over me and him and our bed. It was like 10:45 pm and Miles is throwing up like 3 cups of milk and whatever Tylanol he managed to swallow. It was horrible!
     7. He has started pulling himself up onto things.. he can only manage to pull up to kneeling but this translates into him wanting to try to stand on anything. Sooo, when he is in your lap, he will pull hair to try and stand on you. It sucks... and hurts.
     8. Miles is STILL doing the raptor scream. I hate it. He does it so loud and every time he is even slightly unhappy... although it mostly centers around when he is tired. This means that from 8-9 every night our house sucks to be in. He is cranky, wants to be held and isn't happy with anything so he screams every minute or so. It is like someone stole my sweet, loving baby and returned with a screaming, hair pulling, biting, demon baby. I am so over this stage.
     9. Oh yeah, and Miles started biting me while he nurses. He did it 5 times yesterday. I am not really sure how to stop him, other than what I am doing- I say ow really loud, tell him no, and stop feeding. Does anyone have an idea of how long I will have to do this before he gets the idea and quits? Thank goodness he only has his bottom teeth so it doesn't hurt too bad.
     10. We are going to our first playdate today! I am so excited and a bit nervous to meet a bunch of new people but mostly just excited to get out of the house and see a bunch of new moms. Wish us luck (and that the new demon baby Miles doesn't show up until we get home, LOL)
     11. And because it has been a crazy week, here is one more thing... we have started playpin training Miles... this means that most of his play time is IN his playpin and he is really liking it... other than when he is tired demon baby.

Miles little baby feet

Playing in his playpin... he turned his piano upside down because he was trying to use the music stand to pull himself up. 

Do you see a happy Miles? I do!

This is what I woke up to this morning... sweet, happy Miles

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