January 20, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles has started scooting backwards. It is so cute... all of a sudden I'll look up and he is across the room suck with the leg of his table between his legs and he can't scoot anymore.
2. Miles has mostly stopped the horrible scream. Now he just cries. He cries a very sad, tears coming down cry. Unless he is tired... then he screams.
3. Carl get his first real day off today! It has been a LONG time since he has had a day off with no school... but he still has to go and do a home-visit for about an hour.
4. We are going to redo our livingroom. Now that Miles is going to be moving around and getting into a lot more, I need an entertainment center that he can't get into. One that is tall enough he can't pull the t.v. down on top of himself.
5. I hope to find a nice dresser at the Goodwill today so we can get the living room started.
6. I am having a procedure Thursday to fix even MORE problems that labor caused... don't worry, it's not too bad... an in office procedure that hopefully shouldn't take too long to recover from (is the recovery from labor EVER going to be over? LOL).
7. Because of my surgery, my mom is coming to stay Thursday, Friday, and maybe Saturday depending on how I feel.
8. After cleaning my kitchen and living room, with Carl's help of course, my house seems so clean... and now that it's clean, I feel so much happier. It is strange how much a clean house makes you feel motivated and happy.
9. Miles has started making sounds again... we went for about a month where he would make noise, but not really sounds. Now he is saying things like "bbbbb" , "er", "goo", "erg", and last night we thought he said "hey". It is great that he is trying out sounds again.
10. I wore Miles in my moby wrap yesterday... it had been about 3 months since I had used it, and he loved it... it also made me really see how BIG our son is. I remember going to the grocery store with him in it and he was so tiny, now he is a giant in it!

Miles talking and playing
Miles laughing really hard while we were at my mom's

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