April 20, 2012

Friday Update

1. Having Karoline and Ben here has been so great. I'm glad we get another week with them!
2.We made a quick visit to see my family and had a great time. Miles did great in the car both times and it was really nice to see my mom and Rodney for a few days.
3. While we were there, Miles spent some great time with Grandpa and water. I caught a video of Miles and Grandpa watering the front lawn.
4. Miles also played in the backyard in the doggie water dish. He splashed in the dish, spilled it all over, tried to swim in it, tried to drink it, and got SO wet! 
5. Miles is still so in love with men. We go to a restaurant and he talks to the boy waiters and wants them to hold him. He crawls after Ben or Carl all day and is the happiest in a boy's arms. 
6. Miles says mom, momma, mammmmmmma, ba, baba, bbbbb, mmmm, aaaaaa, mem, and he mouths the m sound. He is getting so much better at letting his wants known by the noises he makes.
7. Miles is so smart. We have started closing the dog door and when it is open, he takes the little door and tries to close it. He can even pinch the part that opens the door. He will pinch it and then let go and try to slide it up. He is so close to being able to open and close the little door.
8. We went to the zoo again last week and had so much fun looking at all the animals. We also decided to buy a pass for the zoo and aquarium along with a pass to bring 2 extra people for free for the whole year. I am really excited for all the fun zoo adventures we will be having this year.
9. Carl has his last day of his 3rd year of med school today... he has to make up 4 weeks of psych because he took the time off for Miles' birth, but he is technically in his forth year starting tomorrow!
10. Our friends are going to watch Miles tonight so Carl and I can go on our second no baby date since Miles was born. We are going to go see the hunger games!

Miles watching Karoline and Ben playing the wii

Miles with daddy at the mall

giving daddy a bit of a hard time

sitting at the zoo

watering the lawn with grandpa rod

fun with water

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