April 12, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles and I are visiting my dad and family this week!
2. Miles rode on an airplane for the first time and did great! He was awake for about 5 minutes while they de-iced and fell asleep during takeoff. He slept right up until we decended. It was great!
3. Miles has started LOVING male attention. I think it is because he misses his daddy so he wants any male that looks nice. It is so strange to see my bayb, who was so scared of strangers, going to other boys in my family after seeing them for 2 seconds.
4. Miles has started playing with other kids. He plays with his cousin Mya so well. He is automatically interested in whatever she is doing and likes to follow her around. This is the first time I have seen him interact with another baby. He usually just sits by himself and plays.
5. I met my nephew Davin for the first time this week and he is a cutie!
6. Miles got a walker toy for Easter and lovs it.. It has stuff to play with on the front and he likes to push it around on his knees.
7. It has been so fun spending time with my family. I love seeing my sisters and brothers. It is so cool to see Miles interact with Mya and it's nice to have a whole house full of family... The only downside is Miles and I really miss Carl.
8. Miles and I fly back on Tuesday and that same night we are going to have two visitors... One of my best friends all the way from Germany is visiting us for 2 weeks!

sorry this one was so late... i made it but Miles distracted me and i never posted it!

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