April 27, 2012

Friday Update

1. Karoline and Ben went home today. I am sad. I hate having an empty home and what makes it even worse is Carl is on call tonight so he won't be home until Miles and I are sleeping.
2. Miles has started baby babbling. He is saying so many new sounds.... not just the m, a, and b sound. He is super chatty and "talks" his own language all the time.
3. Miles has officially said dada. It is really cute that now he says mem and da.
4. Miles found out that he can lift the toilet lid. This was swiftly followed by learning that he can splash in the toilet water. We have now put locks on each toilet.
5. Miles opens and closes his mouth in a popping sound when he wants to eat whatever you have. It is really funny and looks like he is a little fish. He really likes to try EVERYTHING you are eating, so now I have to be careful what I eat to help him in finding good for him foods.
6. Carl has started Psych and will have finished his 3rd year of med school in another 3 weeks.
7. I was reading this book called the Wonder Weeks and Miles is officially in a stage of cranky-ness before a big developmental leap. This leap is one of learning sequences. That means that he is learning that when he lifts the toilet lid, he can splash in water. This also means that he is going to be cranky for the next 2-3 weeks.
8. Karoline let me borrow a book called The Magicians Guild... and it was SO good. It is part of a trilogy and I have now bought book 2 and 3.
9. Miles also learned how to crawl up on the dishwasher and stand... yes, stand up on the dishwasher. This was followed by swiftly falling on his knees and head while daddy was trying to grab him. He is now sporting a nice bruise on his forehead. Poor little guy.
10. Carl has started playing with Miles by going around our rocking chair with Miles chasing him. It is so funny because Miles laughs SO hard. It is so cute!

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