May 11, 2012

Friday Update

1. We are visiting my mom again this weekend for my friend's wedding shower.
2. Miles is turning into a walker! He walked 14 steps yesterday and now prefers to try to walk everywhere instead of crawl.
3. Last night Miles decided he didn't want to nurse to sleep so I had to rock him while he cried until he fell asleep. It sucked and I am hoping this is not going to be a new trend.
4. Miles still warms up to other males really quickly. My mom got home and he was all shy, but when my step-dad got home, he went right to him.
5.Miles has stared making this weird spitting noise. It is so funny sounding and he does it all the time now.
6. Carl only has one more week of Psyc and then he gets a bit of time off.
7. We are going to be in Idaho for Miles' first birthday this year... I am SO excited because this means that he will get to meet a bunch of my family... plus this means that Carl gets to meet some of my family that he hasn't seen yet.
8. Miles dances... it is so cute, he will stand and shake his body when he hears music he likes. It is so sweet.
9. Miles hit his gums on my mom's coffee table yesterday... he was trying to walk and his hand slipped off the table and his face hit the table. I felt so bad... he bled a bunch but really is doing just fine.
10. Miles really likes to eat. He wants to try whatever you are eating and he will smack his lips whenever he sees me eating. It is so cute... so far he likes beans, ice, bananas, meat, noodles, all baby food veggies, and most baby fruits. I tried to give him some watermelon the other day and he wasn't so sure about it. I think it was too slippery or something.
11. Miles has started bumping heads with me. When I crawl over to him, he puts his head down and bumps my forehead with his.

My baby is getting so big... I will try to upload a few videos soon :)

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