May 20, 2012

Friday Update- on Sunday!

1. Today is Carl's birthday!
2. Miles is 45 weeks old... where does time go?
3. Miles is officially walking! He decided while we were at my mom's to just go for it and walk. He took 15 steps and then moved on from there... he is now preferring to walk over crawling.
4. Miles is back to giving kisses again. When he is feeling sweet, he just leans in with his mouth open to "kiss" you. It is so sweet!
5. Carl is officially done with his third year. He finished his last day in psych today and has two weeks off before going on to his first sub-internship.
6. Miles has a very strong will... he wants what he wants and he lets you know! My mom commented when we were there that he is so smart and she thought it was so funny that when she would touch his face, he would grab her hand and push it away because he didn't like it.
7. He also is very curious and wants to try everything. Today he was using a spoon to hit another toy to have it make a noise. It was really cool to watch. He also keeps putting things in the diaper trash and trying to throw away everything from his shoes to his shorts, toys, new diapers, wipes, and in general whatever he can find that is by his diaper bin.
8. Miles has had a few days of really cuteness. He will wake up and just let me or Carl hold him. It is so sweet. He lays his head on you and will just sit there while you pat his back and rock. He will do this for 10 minutes or so.. it is a really sweet reminder of how much he loves us and one reason we love him so much too.
9. Miles is super teething. He is growing in his bottom right tooth and so he bites everything. That includes toes, fingers, arms, legs, toys, shirts, and whatever he finds that happens to fit in his mouth. He will crawl up to you and grab your toe and bite it, hard. It is naughty, but he thinks it is so funny and will laugh if you tell him no.
10. Miles is 25.2 lbs and 31.5 in tall! He is growing so big so fast!
Happy Miles

Looking out the window

He pushed this chair all the way from the table to the door

Here's where the chair used to be

Grandma giving Miles a sink bath

Miles playing with some toys at Grandma's

Playing with momma's kindle

He stuck the stick that closes our door outside

Miles and Carl on Carl's birthday

Happy boy!

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