May 4, 2012

Friday Update

1. Things are finally starting to get back to our normal life.
2. Miles is biting everything. His top teeth are in and just growing down and he is biting everything. Today he tried to bite my toe.
3. We have been to the zoo for the last 2 Saturdays and Carl wants to go again tomorrow... this might end up being a weekly thing in the Bryce household.
4. We put locks on the toilets so Miles can't get into the toilets anymore.
5. Miles wore a hat for the first time in awhile and he looked so cute!
6. Miles is now wearing size 4 Wide shoes... they are a little big but I have a feeling they won't be too big for very long.
7. Miles got his iron checked today and he was a bit anemic... I was told he needs to eat more meet and oatmeal.
8. Right now he is crying outside my door because I am in the bedroom trying to type and he LOVES to come over and try to "help" whoever is on a computer.
9. I made 2 different wipes cases for my friend Karoline and they turned out SO cute! I have even thought of updating mine into the frog one and making the pink one for when we have a girl :)
10. Do you remember Miles' old man face? I do... and I miss it.

One of the wipes cases I made

The other case

Miles in his hat

being silly

on the way to the zoo

do you spy two top teeth? They have grown even more since this picture was taken

his old man face... I miss this :(

Miles eating a vanilla wafer and Jezzie trying to get it

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