May 29, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles has started saying nine... It is so cute to hear the different sounds he thinks of saying.
 2. We bought a splash pad for Miles and he loves it. We have spent at least two evenings outside in the backyard with him splashing around, trowing rocks into the tiny pool.
 3. Miles loves to chase around the doggie. He will follow her around and around laughing and trying to get her.
4. We bought a blow up pool to use this summer and I am so excited... While I was pregnant, all I wanted was to swim... Now Miles and I will get to almost every day.
5. We all got new swimsuits and this is the first time I actually LOVE my swim wear... It is so cute and doesn't show too much cleavage.
6. Miles likes to drag clothes everywhere. If he sees his jammies or Carl's socks, he will grab them and walk all over the house. This means that we have clothes all over. At our front door right now, we have Miles' sleep shirt and his swim shirt.
 7. He also loves shoes and drags his shoes everywhere. They start out on the fireplace and end up in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, trash can, his dirty clothes hamper, diaper pail, and all over the living room floor. He is very messy.
8. This summer is going to be so crazy. Looking at the calendar, We are all doing so much traveling... I'm not even sure when or for how long we will be in out actual home(the pool is stay at my mom's for the summer, since we will be there a bunch).
9. I have read so many books since Carl has gotten off of school... with him to help with the baby, I have so much time to read!
10. Because of our crazy idea to go visit family 2 days earlier than expected, this Friday update is REALLY late!

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