June 10, 2012

Friday Update on Sunday

1. Miles is starting to run... not just walk, but really fast walk, almost run. It is scary. I was going into the bedroom and 3 seconds later he had quickly walked all the way across the living room to me. I caught him actually at a run. Crazy!
2. We visited my mom and Miles had so much fun seeing his cousin Kobe. They are the same height, but Miles is 5 pounds heavier!
3. Kobe went right up and hugged Miles and Miles cried! He wasn't so sure about his cousin going right up and squeezing him... but after awhile they had fun playing together.
4. Miles has now learned how to crawl up stairs. He doesn't know how to go down yet, but he is great at going up.
5. Miles started making the sign for nursing (we do the milk sign). He hasn't really done it enough to totally understand that moving his hand like that will let me know he wants to nurse, but he is trying the movement out. It makes me super excited to see him sign!
6. We met a little girl who was 18 months and was so small that I thought she was 7 months, but she was so cute making tons of signs at her mom. She would sign more and cheese and thank you and please. It was so cute to see... she even blew Miles kisses.
7. We went swimming with my friend Lauren and her two daughters. It was so fun. Miles loved walking around the big pool and watching the girls play. It was so interesting to see him watching older kids and how he interacted with them.
8. While my friend was over, her 18 month old left her binky. Miles found it and used it as a teething toy. He has become quite attached to it, although he only uses it to chew.
9. My friend Lindsey visited with her family and we went to the zoo.. it was so fun.
10. Carl and I are now house managers for the homes we are renting. Because of this, we are going to rent the house 2 doors down to my friend Lindsey... it was so cool because we showed her the house while she was vising and she loved it. That means that I get to be neighbors with one of my best friends!
sleeping on mom

hanging out at grandma's house

Hanging out at grandma's

sleeping in the car after a long day 

playing ball with daddy

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