June 17, 2012

Friday update

1. Miles is teething. I'm not really surewhat tooth is coming in, butit is horrible. 2. We have been having sucha great time visiting Carl's dad's side of the family. It is nice to get to know another part of my husband... And miles is having a blast here. 3. Miles has been taking really long naps here, so I've been trying to move him over totwo naps a day instead of three..... It is working so far, but I think we'll have to wait for the teething yuck to stop before continueing. 4. Miles has decidedhe is in love with alittle girl named Jenson. Sheis Carl's step-sister's little girl and she is almost a year older than him. Hewalksover to her, pulls her hair, bonks her head, grabs her shirt, and kisses her! It was so funny to see. I about died laughing. He also bit her, which I feel bad about but her mommy said she was ok. 5. Jenson likes to take away whatever miles has and he likes to follow her and try to poke her. She cries and he laughs. It is really funny. 6. Miles now knows how to find your nose.... Not his own nose, but who's ever nose he is near. He also has started to shove his finger up your nose. Gross. 7. Miles has started kind of talking in his sleep. He'll be half between sleep and awakeand he'll make a noise like talking. I hope he isn't going to start actually talking in his sleep... Hopefully he'll grow out of it. 8. We went to a bbq lastnight to meet some of the people in carl's program and we had a great time. It was cool to meet some of the people just starting residency and to see so many of them have kids. I really hope we end up oving here in a year. 9. Miles threw his first fit at the bbq. He was waling and when we tried to turn him around to get our stuff to leave, he dropped to his knees, went limp, and started to cry. Carl picked him up and he screamed! It took me holding him so he wouldn't cry. 10. We have swimming a bunch this summer and look forward to more!

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