June 30, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles is pointing at everything now! He is getting really good at letting you know what he wants.
2. Miles now does the sign for up and nurse. We are working on learning a few more.
3. Miles has now switched over to 2 naps a day instead of 3. It has been a bit of a tough transition, but we are making it work.
4. Miles LOVES to read and if you tell him to bring you a book, he does! He loves to sit in your lap and have you point out all the pictures.. he doesn't really want you to read the words, just point to stuff you see and name it.
5. Carl is doing SO well in his away rotation. Everyone keeps telling him that he is doing so well and we are so excited to possibly be moving closer to some family.
6. Miles HATES getting his diaper changed... at this moment my sister is changing him and he is screaming/crying so much. I think it is the fact that he doesn't get to run around, so he doesn't like to be pinned to a spot for awhile.
7. I am going to be the matron of honor at one of my best friends wedding tomorrow.. I am so  excited. I got my toes done and get to have my makeup done. It is going to be so fun.
8. Bailey dyed my hair last night and it looks great but is a bit dark.
9. I love having Bailey visit... she is more helpful then anyone I know and is so much fun. It is like being around a younger me, so we finish each other's sentences and get each other's jokes. It is so fun.
10. Miles hit his lip on my leg yesterday and now his lip is a bit swollen and he has a mark on it. I feel so bad that he hurt himself on me.

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