June 22, 2012

Friday Update

1. Wow.. well we are still visiting family and it is HOT here... like swim every day in the 100's hot here. 
2. Miles has started learning new things again.. he now knows how to open doors that have an up and down handle and he understands how to move stuff out of his way that he doesn't like (like a chair hiding an outlet that he wants) AND he has started pointing at stuff that he wants. 
3. Miles has been playing with all of his cousins and having so much fun. 
4. Carl had an interview here for a possible move and he did SO well. I really hope we get to move here.
5. Miles has started eating more and more different things. He had broccoli for the first time 2 days ago and he loved it!
6. His 7th tooth has finally broken through. It still isn't really grown in, but at least it has broken the gums and he is acting more and more like himself (unlike the crazy, unhappy boy he was before).
7. I made a fun frame this week. You use dry erase markers to write things that you love each other for each day. I figure it is a nice way for Carl and I to get a quick I love you in each day.
8. Miles is getting so good at walking! He can almost run already and is going everywhere!
9. Carl has been so busy this week.. He has been working from 6 am to 7 pm everyday... with no days off. It kind of stinks, but last night his parents watched Miles for us and we got to go out and get frozen yogurt! YUM! It was so nice to spend a few minutes together alone to talk and catch up.
10. Did I say I hope we get to move here? It would be so nice to move by some family so Miles can see cousins and we can all hang out more. We all get along so well that it would be great for us to always have people to hang out with. 

cousin Jensie sitting with Miles' giraffe

watching cousin Bryn eat an apple

Playing with Grandma

Hanging at the grocery store

Having fun with Grandpa

sleeping... what a BIG boy!

Holding cousin's hand in the car

Playing with cousins, while Jensie gets away

Look what I made this week... it's a fun way for Carl and I to express love for each other each day.

Playing on the floor.

Notice how a bunch of pics are blurry.... that's why I haven't put many up, most of them are blurry because Miles never quits moving!

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