June 10, 2012

11 months!

       I know I seem to say this every month, but where did time go? How is my little baby already almost a year old? How is it already June and summer and how is my baby walking? It seems like time goes by so much faster now that you are here.
       You are just the best baby. You are sweet and loving and funny and so much more than I ever expected. You have spent so much time this month in my lap playing and holding me and loving me. It is so sweet, you also kiss a lot more, especially in the evenings when you are tired. You will just sit in my lap, play, bonk my head, pull my bangs, and kiss me. I think you are starting to show love by holding hair (because I touch your hair when I hold you). I also think bonking heads is a way you show love.
       You have also spent much of this month playing with us. It seems like you and dad are inseparable. You just love him so much that if he leaves the room you get so upset. You love when he plays just about anything. Daddy and Miles are a team and seem to have been one for quite a while. You are so stubborn! If things are not going as you like, you have this cry that is really more of a scream to let us know you do not approve. It is the kind of scream that flusters just about anyone but me. I guess I just know that it is your only way to show dislike and so it doesn't bother me.  When you want something you sure let us know! You like to replicate what you see so when you see us throwing the ball for Jezzie, you take the ball and throw it too. When you see us eating with a spoon you take the spoon and put it in the jar of food and try to do it too. You don't like it so much when I try to explain the world, but you love to see and do it yourself.
       You are still so talkative. You really only say mama, dada, and nana, alone with yelling sounds that show excitement or frustration or dislike. You went through the phase of not saying mama for about 3 weeks and just started saying it again. I love to hear you say mama. It makes me so happy to hear it. I think I will enjoy this wonderful word until you are old enough to say, "mom, mama, moooooommmmm, ma, mama, mom, mom, mom, mmmmooooommmm, mom, ma, momma, mom, mom, mom," over and over and over and over. Then I will wish you said dada more.
       I have enjoyed this month so much with you. I love to watch you learn how to walk and now learning how to walk straight, not like a dizzy crazy man. You are a joy and a wonderful little man. I love you so much and although I am so excited for your one year old birthday, I am also sad that you are getting so big so fast. Miles, keep being sweet, keep giving kisses, and remember that daddy and I love you so much.


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