December 31, 2013

Looking back

Looking back at the last year of blogs, I realize how much has changed in our lives. 

Miles is so big now. He talks so well and is not a toddler any more. He is a child. He runs and plays and says what he wants. In fact, today he just told me, "love you." So I said, "love YOU." And he said," NO MOMMY, I love you. Miles loves you. Miles." It was so funny. He reminds me of Carl every day. He gives me looks when he is being a little naughty that I can swear Carl's mom must have seen daily. He loves to play on the kindle. He loves to build towers and play Legos and if he wants you to play with him he will come up and say, " Mommy, play Miles. Play blocks. Mommy, sit." It is crazy how much he talks now compared to a year ago. He even says bless you when you sneeze and says thanks for everything (he even told the guy putting our groceries in the cart thanks every time he stuck a new bag in). 

Carl is well into residency. He works so much it is so crazy. We still manage to have family time and somehow found the time to make another baby, lol.  He worked crazy 4:30am-7pm for 12 weeks straight. One day off a week with no break kind of work. Now he is in an easier rotation and the next time a busy rotation comes up is when the baby is due. 

I am doing well too. This year has been good to me. We moved into an amazing house surrounded by more friends and family. This was the main thing lacking in our last home. I felt so lonely. Here is different. I know my neighbors and have family 15 min down the road. I miss being closer to my mom, but she isn't more than a days drive or a quick flight away. Even though the first trimester of this pregnancy was rough for me, the rest of this pregnancy has been good. It's exciting to think about all of the lasts we have have. The last Christmas, New Year, etc without our newest baby. It makes for exciting times to come- all the firsts we have coming up! 

Our family has grown and changed this year... Here's hoping to a wonderful 2014 full of great times, happy memories, strength, health, and a great time looking back at the end. 

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