December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

This Christmas was full of fun! We had to do our family Christmas a bit early, since Carl had to work on Chriatmas day. 
Carl had off 4 days the week before so we did our Christmas on Thursday the 19th. We woke up and played Christmas music, drank some coffee, and opened gifts. Miles got so many great toys and games this year. He was 100% spoiled. It was fantastic. He was so excited to open presents and would ask to open more each day after our Christmas. I think this was the first year he really got into the idea of Christmas. 

After presents we made a yummy breakfast and spent the day playing with our new things and relaxing. 

We took a BUNCH of pictures on our nice camera, but I'll post the few I took on my phone. 





All of our gifts after everything was opened. Miles had the big stack on he left and Carl and I had our presents on the right. 

We then got the spend Christmas Eve and Christmasmorning at Carl's dad's house with all the cousins. We had so much fun opening all the gifts, playing, and enjoying the great food and company. 

Christmas was so wonderful and we still get another small one when we go visit our moms in a week! I love the holidays and am sad to see them go. It feels like Christmas brings out so many good things and I love giving gifts and spending time with family. 

It is crazy to think that this is our last Christmas as a family of 3 and that next year we will have another baby! 

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