December 31, 2013

A few Miles firsts

I managed to capture 2 more of his firsts. 

While visiting my mom, Miles got his first icecream cone. 

He did so good eating it. He licked the icecream and ate the cone and it wasn't until he got to the bottom that he had trouble. We were in the car and he tipped up the cone... And... Plop. Out came the icecream all over him while the cone stayed in his hand. He cried, but it was so cute. He was so sad that it was over. 

Another first was his first movie. We took him to see Frozen. He got his own little popcorn and drink and had so much fun. He loved the previews and eating his snacks. He made it about an hour in and then was super bored and played his kindle for the last bit. I had a feeling it would happen that way... He doesn't even sit still with movies at home. We all had fun though and the movie was super cute. 

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