December 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Man, I can't believe I didn't do a halloween post...

We had our first halloween where miles was old enough to have fun. The hospital where Carl works had a trick or treat thing the night before, so Miles and I went around trick or treating to each department. It was so fun seeing him say trick or treat. So cute! While we were walking around Miles kept getting the candy out of his bag and trying to eat it. He didn't want to walk around getting more candy, he just wanted to eat the couple of pieces we already had. 

Unfortunately, Carl had to work so he didn't come with us... But since we were at daddy's work, we were able to see him for a few minutes before having to leave. 
Just enought time to share a quick lick of his candy with dad. 

On actual Halloween, we decided to use fun handing out candy. At our old house we would have around 5 trick or treaters. Here we had around 500 or so. Maybe even more. Miles got dressed up and had so much fun hanging candy to each kid. He would get one and put it in each bag. It was so sweet. In between the massive amounts of people, Miles would sit in the livingroom with his hidden candy and watch Charlie Brown and the great pumpkin. He now calls every Charlie Brown movie his pumpkin movie. 

We had so much fun this year. It was really neat to see Miles interacting with all the other kids. I have a feeling next year we will be trick or treating with some of the other kids around. 

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